Persecutions in Sweden

Sweden is known for setting the highest standards in civil rights and fiercely defending human rights globally.

Well, this is not correct. I have during the past month been in contact with several persons who are afraid of openly expressing their opinion, in Sweden.

Back in the USSR, security police would imprison any opposition to government power. In Sweden, 2014, the persecution is of course much more “civilized”and subtle. Here, you meet a smiling face kindly reminding you about the narrow boundaries for freedom of expression. If you still insist expressing yourself, you may lose your employment.

Discussion is virtually prohibited in a wide number of topics. Any expression deviating from mainstream consensus will face ridicule and various forms of direct oppression (to start with). Legal actions can be imposed in addition to terminating employment contracts. You, your family and your property may also experience direct physical threats from right-wing, or left-wing extremists.

A small list of topics which may render persecution in Sweden are: discussing immigration, questioning feminism, claiming homosexuality to be a disorder and promoting the idea of strong, independent families and traditional values, etc.

Now, a combination of liberals, queer extremists and left-wing radicals (they always describe themselves as ”tolerant”) are targeting Sweden’s children by introducing critical pedagogy already from kindergarten and first grade (dare not to criticize this unscientific and Marxist spin-off!).

By time, this will silence you also at home! Children may be instructed to report signs of ”traditional values and Christian expressions” to authorities, which can retaliate by accusing parents for various “hate” crimes etc.

When did abnormity and perversion become a saluted rule?

This is Sweden 2014, not Orwell’s world of 1984.


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2 kommentarer till Persecutions in Sweden

  1. Guess why I left Sweden ….

    • Zoltan skriver:

      Seriously considering following your example…. The upcoming elections may bring official socialists back in power, which is worse than confused liberals, who preach one thing and support completely different values. Like being constantly backstabbed.

      I must be stupid still being surprised by what is happening.

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