New Atheism – a last cry?

A few years ago, the ”New Atheism” surfaced as a safety vent for intolerance and ignorance. Too a large extent it became an effort to rewrite the European history, eliminating the most obvious and significant factor, which alone has defined Western Civilization, not only to ourselves, but also as defined by other cultures – Christianity.

Another futile effort to depreciate the significance of Christianity is presented by Will Porter in Huffington Post. A presentation loaded with ignorance from start to end.

Porter starts with a claim, which he admits is cheap: churches are guaranteed always empty. Are not all areas constructed for specific public events mostly empty?

Then Porter continues to advocate for the ”faithless majority” buy referring to a survey revealing that 50% of British people consider themselves having ”No Religion”. Then 50% of British people do have a ”Religion” and even more people have a faith which is simply too ambiguous to be classified as a ”Religion”. ”New Atheists” brag a lot about their superior reason, but are happily leaving reason out when spreading their inability to understand what faith is.

Porter continues his post with another statement: ”we now have a chance to ignore what celibates have to say about sex, marriage and homosexuality”. Porter is free to ignore anything, but it is still smarter to listen to a psychiatrist, than dismissing the physichatrist because he does not have your illness himself. Using Porter’s own rhetoric, I say, ”we now have a chance to ignore what atheists have to say about religion”!

The bigotry of ”New Atheism” would be more obvious if they dared to be consistent and campaign changing for example the Union Flag (it holds three crosses!) and inventing alternative, guaranteed non Judeo-Christian names for Daniel (Dennett?), Sam (Harris?) and Chistopher (Hitchens?).

”Most importantly, when some bigot atheist come on the telly to lecture us about the ‘true meaning’ of the festive season we can remind ourselves that the majority of British people couldn’t give a flying Christmas fig about it.”

It is true, ”New Atheists” want to believe some things, but not others – too a large extent against our human nature.

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8 kommentarer till New Atheism – a last cry?

  1. Bortsett från snömoset, vad är egentligen ny-ateism annat än gammal-ateism. På vilket sätt skiljer sig ny-ateismen? Tror man inte på Gudar, så kan man inte gärna tro mer eller mindre på dem….?

    Låter mera som Kristna Korsriddares tolkningsproblem.

  2. Zoltan skriver:


    According to your untainted rationality and purified wisdom, exactly what in this post is nonsense? And exactly what in Porter’s text is not nonsense?

  3. hglundahl skriver:

    Mr Grawnquist (ursäkta, stafvar efter engelskt feluttal), New Atheism, Old Atheism, Agnosticism may well be different in day to day ideology even if all based on denial of God. They might for instance be as different as Christianity – Catholics and Orthodox – from Protestantism, which also pretends to be based on accepting Jesus as true God and true Christ.

  4. hglundahl skriver:

    Harris is not non-Christian. Harry is pronunciation spelling of Henri, which is French for Heinrich, which was a Saint on the Holy Roman Imperial throne (Heinrich II).

    Besides, Opa Heinrich would have added ”und ich bin ein Jud” (as he did when citing ”was gut für den Jud ist, das ist gut” and adding ”ham is good for me”), always remembering he was quite in line with Isaak Katuri about the name of the Messiah:

  5. Alltså alla religiösa är också ateister, utom om sin specifika tro. Är det nytt eller gammalt? Skall man bedöma ateism utifrån vilken Gud man är ateistisk emot? Själv tror jag på inga. Är det gammalt eller nytt?

    • Zoltan skriver:


      ”Alltså alla religiösa är också ateister, utom om sin specifika tro”

      Det där är gammal dynga som bara korkade ateister matar varandra med. De flesta religiösa har full förståelse för att andra människor kan ha en tro, men vissa ateister utgår aldrig från vad religiösa själva anser.

  6. Så Du tror på asagudarna…? Eller anser Du dem vara hedningar

    • Zoltan skriver:


      Kopierar mitt svar från en annan tråd – frågan verkar ju störa ateister väldigt mycket.

      Avseende andra religioner och den katolska kyrkans uppfattning, som jag självfallet helt delar: de flesta religioner innehåller något/några korn av Sanningen. Detta är helt naturligt och människans religiösa förståelse utvecklas och förändras genom årtusenden… Vetenskapen visar t.ex. att Skapelsen är mer ordnad än vi människor någonsin tidigare vågat tro (t.ex. ”Fine Tuning”).

      ”From ancient times down to the present, there is found among various peoples a certain perception of that hidden power which hovers over the course of things and over the events of human history; at times some indeed have come to the recognition of a Supreme Being, or even of a Father. This perception and recognition penetrates their lives with a profound religious sense.”

      Läs länken om du överhuvudtaget vill ha svar på din egen fråga, men jag tror du är mer intresserad av att odla dina egna fördomar, eller hur?

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