In God We Trust



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  1. bhavanajagat skriver:


    People all over the world experience the existence of God, and this is a sensory experience. The belief in God is not because of belief in a particular religious doctrine. The senses that man could use are; 1. Vision: the sky is blue and it is blue only when it is viewed from Earth, 2. Taste: The fresh water that man depends upon is delivered from the sky and it has an original, fresh taste which is very unique; and the foods that man consumes have distinct tastes, a creative use of organic compounds that plants create every day,3.Olfactory or Smell: Earth has an original fragrance often described as Geosmin, earth is full of natural fragrances,4.Sound and Hearing: The ability to hear, the ability to produce sound, the ability to propagate sound is unique to planet Earth, listen to birds singing and chirping, the world is full of natural sounds and the rest of the universe is silent,5.Touch or tactile sensation: Man can directly experience the power of Creation by simply holding his own baby in his arms.

  2. Zoltan skriver:

    Welcome Doctor,

    In addition to your comment, I’d like to add two more human experiences of God; reason and emotion. In all, our experiences, understanding and descriptions of the Timeless will always be limited and flawed.

    The third and perhaps most profound experience is the universal longing for God that mankind has manifested during all times and in all cultures. Clearly, all these different expressions of religion are themselves a proof point of a divine entity, albeit very different in our understanding and descriptions.

    Imagine crossing the skies in an airplane, but 300 years ago – people would have described and explained it very differently, but it is still the same airplane!

    To mereley dismiss all these experiences as a widespread delusion, or as primitive explanations for questions without scientific answers, is a vulgar simplification.

    A few times during my life, I’ve been caught by complete surprise when God has made sudden entrance. At most of these occasions I’ve been terrified. In fact, some of these events occurred when I was an atheist myself, while the first series of experiences occurred when I was 5 years old (related to the sensations of dying).

    Today, I welcome sensing God, though upholding a controlled distance – not sure what would happen if I’d let go. Obviously, I’m still scared and cautious.

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